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About us

Bausparkasse Schwäbisch Hall, a state-of-the-art financial services provider with a strong focus on processing, stands for security and sustainability and at the same time helps their customers to fulfil their dream of living happily. Bausparkasse Schwäbisch Hall, the world’s biggest community of Bauspar customers, provides their customers with exemplary financing solutions helping them to live now or in the future in their own four walls or to be able to design them according to their wishes.





About Bausparen

All over the world, people dream of owning their own home. Many go to great lengths to make this deeply held dream come true. They save, they borrow, they take construction and modernization work into their own hands. For most of them, buying real estate is the biggest investment of their lives. To successfully tackle this challenge they need inexpensive and low-risk financing instruments.

This is exactly what Bausparen offers. Little by little, customers build up capital by making regular deposits into their savings account – which means they don’t need to borrow as much later. When financing their new homes, these savers are able to take advantage of low, fixed interest rates over the entire term of their loans. This not only makes the individual home financing reliable, it also provides stability for the entire economy.


Schwäbisch Hall abroad

Presently, the Bauspar system contributes significantly to Housing finance in 10 countries. Moreover, the advantages of the system are also perceived in various other countries all over the world. At present, initiatives in various countries aim at examining the introduction of Bausparen there as well.

Bausparkasse Schwäbisch Hall is member of

  • The national Association of Private Bausparkassen in Germany
  • European Federation of Building Societies (EFBS)
Logo - Association of Private Bausparkassen

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Picture of Christian Oestreich - Head of International Markets
Christian Oestreich
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Picture of Michael Dorner - Head of International Projects
Michael Dorner
+49 791 46-2825
+49 791 46-7832825
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Picture of Dr. Jirka Gehrt - Head of International Investments
Dr. Jirka Gehrt
+49 791 46-6734
+49 791 46-7836734
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